Step 1: Sign-up to using your email or WhatsApp number Click on this YouTube video

Step 2: Sign-in to then click "Artist Section" on the top right corner, Enter and upload your details - name, picture, who introduced you, your brief introduction in few sentences, 30 seconds promo video or short audio introduction.

Click on this YouTube video
Yes; sent your details like name, WhatsApp number, picture, short audio and / or video introduction to our WhatsApp number +1 416 567 4373
To book a virtual-get-together go to review the list of resources, click on any resource you wish to book, review the detailed profile, provide the date and time you need to meet with the resource. VgTg will inform you by email once your booking is confirmed. Click on this YouTube video (hyperlink to YouTube video for this FAQ)
Our goal is to get back with you within 24 hours of booking request; however, due to the lack for response from the resource our reply might be delayed.
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