We are living in a global village, the need to interact with anyone anywhere on demand is increasing and technology is bridging distances.

Virtual Get Together (Vgtg) offers a platform for all sorts of (virtual) gatherings. A unique opportunity for celebrities, artists and literary figures to meet with their fans globally in groups or individually on-demand, friends can request and invite other friends for an informal (virtual) get-to-gether.

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VGTG Simple Process

We prefer to keep things simple. Once an artist is registered and has completed a gig we
require an invoice and once the invoice is approved we can settle it.




Prior to payment for any service artists are required to complete a simple agreement with VGTG Event.

Registering is quick and simple and will not limit your ability to accept work that you undertake independently.

If you have been hired to perform, or have already completed a gig for a VGTG Event represented by VGTG Team Program Manager/ Coordinator, and have not registered, then please register without delay.

The artist agreement must be completed in full and either emailed to:
or posted to: WhatsApp Team:
(+1 416 567 4373)




After work has been completed all artists are required to produce and submit their invoices directly to Event UK.

Invoices must be addressed to VGTG and emailed to and must contain the following information:
✓ Definition of service
✓ Venue / location of performance
✓ Date of performance
✓ Fee (being the fee that you expect to be paid)

We ask that artists in a weekly residency invoice weekly and include all work completed in that week on a single invoice.
VAT registered artists will be required to verify their VAT number.

Payment terms

Payment terms


Payment terms are set by the owner/operator of the venues.

Typically terms are within 21 days from the end of the working week the gig relates to. To avoid an unnecessary extension to these terms please ensure that once work is completed invoices are emailed to VGTG team promptly.

If you include work relating to multiple weeks on a single invoice the due date for the invoice will be determined by the date of the most recent gig as invoices can
only be paid in a single transaction.

Payments are made by BACS/ Cheque and will appear as a credit from VGTG in the account nominated in the Artist

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